Followed-Patients Update

Today is a good day to catch up on some old friends.

As you know I’ve said before, I love updates.

Turbo The Miracle Kitty (Story One, Story Two, Story Three, Story Four, Story Five) came in today for a Medical Progress Examination and to evaluate his urinary tract condition. He continues to have occasional bouts of crying when he urinates, so we will see what the lab has to say about his urine sample’s tests as well as the blood tests to tell us how his kidney damage is healing. As always, we will keep you updated.

Dutchess (Story One, Story Two, Story Three) presented today for Medical Progress Examination and blood testing. During her pre-operative evaluation prior to her growth removal and teeth cleaning we discovered that she had severe arthritis in her spine. We began an arthritis medication, Rimadyl, and are happy to report that she is like a new dog with the abolishment of her arthritis pain. Laboratory testing in her case is aimed at illuminating whether her body is tolerating the Rimadyl. Her test results are mostly normal, except for a slight elevation of one liver enzyme. Our plan is to retest her in one month.

You first met Lucy in Another Exemplary Pet Owner, and she, too, is doing well. Lucy has completed heartworm treatment and dental care which included extracting quite a number of teeth. Now she is like a new dog, free from the pain and infection of dental disease.

I’ll be taking July 4th off (I know you’re shocked, I can hardly believe it myself!), so I will

See you Monday, Dr. Randolph.

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