New Christmas Puppy

What could be more fun than a Christmas puppy?

A child with a Christmas puppy, that’s what!

Little Marlie and her buddy, Little Sparkles, Christmas puppy
Little Marlie and her buddy, Little Sparkles, Christmas puppy

With just a glance you can see how much fun little Marlie is having with her new Schnauzer puppy.

I spied the pup’s name prior to entering the examination room. I asked my friend Brad, Marlie’s father, how many guesses I was allowed regarding who got naming rights.

“One.” was Brad’s instant reply.

“Sparkles” is just the kind of name a youngster would come up with, and it perfectly fit the bright-eyed little canine. She is a bundle of energy.

Brad’s parents are about our age, and our children grew up together.  In fact, my wife, Brenda, met Brad’s mother while they were swinging their babies at Westside Community Park in Gulfport, MS.

In the 1980s Brad, his brother, his sister and his parents brought their Labrador retriever, Jilly, to our practice. It was here in our clinic that we cared for Jilly and the family learned, together, how best to provide for her at home.

Words can’t describe the gratitude we feel when we watch children grow up in our practice and become responsible pet owners.

As veterinarians we have a huge obligation to teach adults and children alike about proper pet care. Children watch how their parents care for their dogs, cats and other animals and learn from them. If we don’t properly advise the grownups, the next generation learns from a bad example.

I fully expect to still be practicing when Marlie is an adult and has a home and pets of her own.

What a joy it will be watching little Marlie grow, care for Sparkles and eagerly learn more about pet care.

Jilly, you left a great legacy.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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