Osteosarcoma Takes Our Catherine

Today we had to let go of our sweet Catherine.

Osteosarcoma is an ugly disease.

One Thursday Catherine was fine.

The next day, Friday, she was limping.

The following Tuesday she wasn’t eating and the limp had turned into a carrying-leg lameness.

Today, exactly one week later, Catherine is limping worse, and we can’t control the pain.

Bless her heart, she’s just like her doctor in one way: her appetite was good right up to the last.

Sadly, few cat or dog osteosarcoma patients experience cure, as Maddie did.

We euthanized Catherine this morning as osteosarcoma ravaged her body her owners could no longer stand to see her in such pain.

Catherine, you will always occupy that special place in our hearts.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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