Our New Clinic Mascot

With the passing of our previous mascot, Dorothy, we still have many wonderful memories of her.  She was a wonderfully sweet dog and a many-times-each-day visitor to our clinic.

Fortunately, the family has a new dog, Faeden.  Like Dorothy, Faeden likes to come and visit us here at work, and has become our mascot.  Here, she is pictured with “Grandma,” who lives next door.

Beautiful Faeden during her examination visit.
Beautiful Faeden during her examination visit.

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  1. Bang, did the hand signal and gave them a treat. It took about 45 minutes to teach them to do it. Of course it helps if your dog knows Down first. There are times when it takes several “bullets” to “kill” my Kelsey girl. It’s hilarious. She will act like she’s dying and only die a little at a time.

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