Pet Acoustics: Relaxation CD for Dogs and Cats

“Music has charms to sooth the savage breast.” Never mind that poor William Congreve is usually misquoted, beast or breast, it’s true!

Most pets respond to relaxing music the same way people do. In fact, one relaxation music album even claims to work for all three species!

Pet Acoustics: Relaxation CD for Dogs and Cats, however, has the right balance of wind instruments, percussion to keep the beat, guitar, organ and piano to avoid repetition yet be soothing enough to relax any pet.

Janet Marlow has over 42 minutes among 9 tracks on her CD, which is also available as a download. Her work is not just calming music thrown together. She is a researcher, and has formulated the sounds on these tracks from a deep understanding of the power of sound, frequencies and vibrations.






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