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2012 is well under way and would like to thank all its loyal readers, subscribers, followers, promoters, fans and tweeters.

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As we move into our 3rd year in the blogosphere, we have big plans to increase awareness of common medical conditions of pets.  Now, let’s talk about the basics.  If you have friends who own pets, please take some time to share a My Pet’s Doctor article.  Who knows, you might save a pet’s life when you recommend, or a specific post.

Two great posts, beneficial to new or old pet owners, are the Dog Vaccination Schedule and Cat Vaccination Schedule.  We’ve recently provided easy access to comment and recommend via Facebook, so extend a paw and reach out to your friends and family by passing along information that can enhance the lives of our dear pet friends.

As always, every Tuesday and Thursday My Pet’s Doctor will post about leading industry products and we look forward to your comments and how you’ll pamper your pet in 2012!

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Also, as a community outreach, we would love to involve our readership in a pet picture collage and cutest pet photo contest.  But we need your help, so send along your pet photos to and we’ll post them on our Facebook page and conduct the community vote at .

One last item we would like to mention is the good work Neil Brogan is doing with the Pet Blog Hop and we invite everyone to participate, as the Pet Blogging Community comes together and promotes our industry every Saturday night.  Have a look below for the participating Pet Bloggers and take a moment to say thank you for their efforts.

We also have additional photos that were created by children from a local school.

Now to finish up with some pet humor, enjoy.

Funny Dog

See you tomorrow, Jeremy (Web Tech Guy)


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