Pet Corrector

Pet Corrector is the gentle but firm, humane way to get your dog’s attention when he has done something wrong.

All animals respond to a hissing sound. It instantly gets their attention. When air exits the Pet Corrector can through its patented nozzle, it is a safe, controlled flow with a sound tuned exactly to obtain the desired response.

Pet Corrector

Whether your dog’s problem is jumping onto people, stealing objects that are not his, chasing automobiles, howling or inappropriate barking, Pet Corrector gets the training process started.

A detailed training guide is included because it is not enough to stop the unwanted behavior, you must also reward acceptable behavior. The training guide shows you how.

There are two sizes: a 50 ml. portable size and a 200 ml. size that is an excellent value if you have more than one pet to correct, or one that is particularly stubborn. However, even the 50 ml. size lasts a long time, because you need only a short “psst” each time to get your dog’s attention.

Always direct the Pet Corrector away from your dog, and never toward his face.

Oh!  And Pet Corrector is great for cats, too!

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