Pet Emergencies: Be Prepared

Navy Seals.

Do you think they got that good by just going out, hitting the road and trying their hands at what they do?

Of course not. They used a time-tested technique called preparation.

Many probably started out as Boy Scouts and subscribed to the Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared.

As a pet owner, you, too, should be prepared. Let’s talk emergencies.

Long before your pet has an emergency situation you should have an emergency plan.

If your pet’s emergency occurs during regular office hours you should start with a phone call to your regular veterinarian. Just as the Seals don’t blindly hit the road, neither should you. If you call ahead the doctor and his staff can be prepared for your emergency before you arrive. Further, they can let you know whether the doctor is available: he could be up to his elbows in surgery, deep in another emergency consuming all his resources or even off for the day.

In all of these scenarios your veterinarian has an emergency plan, too. His staff will be able to let you know whether he can handle both emergencies at once, or if he needs to send you to another doctor’s office for care you won’t have wasted time riding the roads.

If your community is serviced by a pet emergency facility for after-hours care, know their phone number and location.
See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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