Pet Fountain

A pet fountain. Have you ever considered one?

Cats and dogs love to drink flowing water. Many become attracted to water from a faucet, so much so that they run to the sound of the sink valve opening.

Pet Water Fountain Stainless SteelDoesn’t that make you wonder how much they “hold out” for running water when no human is around? It is a known fact that our pets don’t drink enough water. Dehydration, overly-concentrated urine, sluggish blood flow. All of these are sequella of insufficient water intake.

And, what about the “ick” factor of your pet’s tongue on the spout? Even if you’re like me, and don’t object to your pet licking your face, the thought of his tongue in your drinking, cooking and bathing water is a bit too much.

The Drinkwell 360 stainless steel pet fountain solves these problems and more.

No longer will your pet wait until water splashes in the basin to drink. Safely converting wall outlet power to 12 volts, the Drinkwell 360 runs all day and all night for pennies a day. Plug it into a standard timer if you prefer to control its runtime. Whenever thirst hits, your dog or cat can have a taste of flowing, oxygenated water on his own schedule.

The built-in, replaceable charcoal filter ensures that unpleasant odors and tastes are removed. No more bottled water!

And, look at the beauty of the unit. Its elegant appearance fits in with your black or stainless steel kitchen appliances, in your bathroom or anywhere else in your house.

The Drinkwell 360 was invented by Dr. Mary Burns, a veterinarian with a special interest in animal behavior. Dr. Burns has thought of everything, including the multi-pet household. The Drinkwell 360 comes with five spout rings, accommodating one to five pets drinking simultaneously! The flow rate is adjustable and the design’s “receiving ramp” minimizes splashing from the flowing water. The unit holds a full gallon of water, so refills can be infrequent.

Cleanup is easy. The Drinkwell 360 can be completely disassembled for cleaning.
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Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet fountain and the economy version, Drinkwell 360 in white. Both share the same quality and both will encourage your pet to be healthier by drinking more water.
See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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