Pet Health Insurance

Pet health insurance.

Do you understand it?

If your pet had a serious illness, could you afford expensive and possibly extended care?

When I go to see my doctor, they ask me questions I can’t answer. “What is your copay?”

Am I even supposed to know that information? And, if I am, where would I find out? I end up saying, “I don’t know,” and they call the company to get the answer.

Likewise, you may find the topic of pet health insurance equally confusing. Once you decide on a company, it’s not so hard. And, it’s nothing like as complicated as people’s health insurance.

The first step we can make much easier for you: buy PetFirst Pet Health Insurance.  PetFirst has an excellent track record and is backed by an A. M. Best-rated underwriter with a score of A+.

Size is important in terms of ability to pay day-to-day and ability to withstand major outlays.

Many pet owners remember the early 1980s, when the parvovirus epidemic hit the United States. Millions of dogs were stricken. The fatality rate was over 95%, even with treatment. The cost of intensive-care hospitalization and aggressive treatment averaged $500.00, which, using the government’s CPI Inflation Calculator converts to $1374.67 in today’s dollars.

If a similarly-devastating epidemic hit the U.S. today, some pet health insurance companies would be forced into bankruptcy.

With an A+ rated underwriter, the backing is in place to handle almost any eventuality.  Thus, you avoid the risk of collapse of the company in case of an overwhelming epidemic.

Now that parvovirus has been tamed, and we have a vaccine that is extremely effective, a parvovirus epidemic is highly unlikely.

However, other diseases may be looming in the wings. For example, if Canine Influenza ever decides to explode, the infection rate could be similar.

Costs could be staggering.

Can your pet live without it?

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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