Pet Microchips

Over the weekend one of our employees had a baby. 32 weeks. Praise God both mom and son are fine, but we had planned for her to be out much later in the year. My, my, there are always challenges to running a small business.

All that, though, is offset by the joy we have in the work we’ve been chosen to do.

Here’s a story that happened today that may still have a happy ending, but the ending could have been today instead of some time in the future.

A teacher at a nearby school called about a stray dog that had wandered up to the school. A parent brought the dog over to us and we scanned it for a microchip and found none.

How sad. For such a small investment this pet could have been identified and reunited with her family. We use the AVID microchip which is easy and fast to scan, the toll-free phone number and the Web site are easy to access and it’s widely available worldwide.

Please consider a microchip for your pet, even if his likelihood of escaping is extremely small.

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