Pet Names

Pet Names is a page for fun.  Some names are interesting, some are clever, some are funny.  All are here for your enjoyment!

  • Bovine: one of my grand-dogs. The other is Bogie. Bovine got his name by being marked like a Holstein milk cow.
  • Costley: Belonging to our dear friends Wayne and Carol, who have recently retired and plan to share the good life of retirement together with this sweet and adorable puppy.
  • Dipstick is a little mixed-breed dog who was mostly white but the distal end of his tail was black, as if it had been dipped in ink.
  • Dream is the pet of famed Apollo 13 astronaut Fred Haise. Dream’s name actually has two meanings. When Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwan was the star player for the Houston Rockets the Haise family were huge fans. Also, when he was growing up the family had hunting dogs and they were not allowed to “play.” As an adult all of the family pets “belonged” to either the kids or Mrs. Haise, so Dream is a dream-come-true for Fred to finally have a dog that is truly his.
  • FreauxFreaux:: As we live close to Cajun country, plays on French spellings are not unusual.
  • Hooper is a Boston Terrier. Her owner reports to us that the first dog recognized as a new breed, Boston Terrier, was named Hooper’s Judge.
  • Mango: so-named because she is mango-colored (and just as sweet).
  • Meowbert: a cute cat with a cute name but an un-cute attitude.
  • Mr. Magoo: When “GooGoo,” as he goes by for short, first started to walk he ran into the couch. The owners and their daughter were fans of the Mr. Magoo cartoons and banging into something like he was blind reminded the daughter of Mr. Magoo.
  • Rabbi:  In Hebrew, rabbi means “teacher.”  Jesus is often referred to as “Rabbi” or “Teacher” in the New Testament.  Rabbi began the known part of his life as a stray when a young couple found him.  They tried out lots of names, and the family they gave him to tried even more names, but Rabbi was the one that stuck with him.  And, none of the people involved are even Jewish!
  • Rocky Poops: When Rocky was little his stool was hard like little stones. Fortunately, this was a “passing” problem, and he wasn’t stuck with it for his whole life.
  • Scoop:  short for her registered name, Scoop Of Love.
  • SFO: the kitty’s original name was “Socks Falling Off,” but it soon became too cumbersome to say the whole thing, so it was shortened to SFO. Cute, huh?
  • Squirrel: Squirrel’s owner used to tease her best friend by saying this was the name she was going to give to her firstborn child. Her firstborn turned out to be a dog, so Squirrel got the name.
  • Sin: No, it’s not what you think! Sin is named after an Irish goddess.
  • Sticker/Tucker: The baby of the house couldn’t say “Tucker” when he was younger, so Tucker got two names: Sticker and Tucker!
  • Uey:  Alice already had three Pomeranians.  She was on an errand when she saw a flock of Poms who appeared to be strays.  So, she did a “Uey,” a U-turn, to try to rescue them.  All ran away but one, and she named him Uey!
  • Willie:  Brenda and I were anticipating the arrival of our new Poodle puppy from our children’s town, Louisville, KY.  We were throwing around names and narrowed it down to Percy and Willie. We sort of wanted to name him after one of our musical heroes, but Percy is one of Brenda’s grandfather’s names, and it was really attractive, too. Willie, Brenda said, would represent my middle name, William, (as Willie is a gift from me to her) and Willie Nelson. We resolved to let him “tell” us his name when he arrived.  Within moments I was sure he was a “Willie.”
  • Wrinkles: You might expect a dog named Wrinkles to be a Shar Pei, but she isn’t. She’s a Pug who was named by the children for the wrinkles in her face.


  1. We named our brindle Boston Terrier “Teddy” for two reasons. Firstly, we got him from the town of Theodore, Alabama. Secondly, there is a movie with Mark Wahlberg named “Ted” about his teddy bear and they are from Boston and speak with a Boston accent. I like to call him Teddy Bear as an endearing nickname. <3
    Thank you Dr. Randolph for all your help and support and prayers!

    • Awww, that’s so sweet, Niki. Teddy has made great progress, even though he is still in the throes of parvovirus disease. We will continue prayer and treatment. Thank you for having faith in him and giving him so much love.

  2. I have two Basset Hounds both female (named Cicely and Maggie) so, of course, I am partial to Bassets. I was in the veterinarian’s office one day and a lady came in with a little 8-week old male Basset puppy. So cute!! Best thing of all was his name – Higgins! Great name for a little boy Basset! 🙂

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