Pets Are For Life

What a meaningful, multipurpose phrase!
What a meaningful, multipurpose phrase!

When making a bank deposit today I came across a check with an interesting inscription: “Pets Are For Life.”

In this “throwaway” world of ours, that’s certainly a good reminder. We must keep in the forefront of our thoughts that the responsibility of a pet lasts for the length of the pet’s life, not just until we become tired of him or her.

Caring for that pet with good food, clean water, regular veterinary care and lots and lots of TLC, time and attention are all crucial to a pet’s wellbeing and happiness.

On the other hand, one could interpret the saying another way. For most of us, and I daresay every reader, our lives wouldn’t be fulfilling without pets. Nor would our lives be full.  Yhere would always be an empty spot waiting for a little dog or cat to make its home in that spot.

Pets are for life. It’s a little phrase that means a lot.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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