Pets Are Friends To All Ages

Yesterday we observed what a natural fit pets and kids are.

All of us pet-loving adults would confirm that our animals are an integral part of our lives, too. And, by “adult” I’m putting no age limits.

Take my father, for example. He’s 88 years young and looooooooooooooves a dog!

Until a couple of years ago he had a Poodle named Ajax. Sadly, Ajax developed a debilitating condition for which there was no effective treatment and he passed away.

My father, Mr. Randolph, tried to be brave, and told all of the family he missed Ajax but he was OK without a dog. Still, we could look in his face and listen to his voice and know a part of his heart was missing.

About a year ago my sister, Beverly, got a line on a one-year-old dog at a shelter in Corpus Christi, TX, where they live. They went to the shelter together to look at him and it was love at first sight.

Bev said he looked like “a Fritz” and the name stuck.

Recently he confessed, “I can’t say I’m over Ajax. I still miss him. But it sure hurts a lot less since I got Fritz. He has really turned things around for me.”



They’re not just for kids anymore.

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