Pets Are Our Babies. Control Their Pain.

May we talk?

Let’s talk about pain today.

Pets experience pain exactly the same we do. While they don’t fear, anticipate and dread pain as we do, when a pain stimulus occurs the pain is just as real as it is for us.

Today a patient came to our hospital who hadn’t seen a doctor in over five years. His presenting problem was horribly infected lick granulomas on both rear legs.

In addition he had an ear infection and terrible dental calculus with gum infection. Some teeth were loose, so his owner and I discussed the pain associated with movable teeth. After we discussed the need for preanesthesia laboratory testing and anesthesia for dental care, his response shocked me.

“You know, Doc, he’s fourteen.”

“Yes Sir,” I responded, ” but he still hurts the same as when he was young.”

I asked him to go to and search for “Dutchess” so that he could see the safety and success we had with her and be encouraged about his dog’s future.

These pets are our babies. We have a responsibility to care for them daily and do the best we possibly can.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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