Pets Can’t Think. Help Them.

Sometimes it’s necessary that we use more sense than our pets.

I pulled into a gas station to fill a can for my lawnmower. Our oldest son wants us to have a self-contained, battery-powered electric mower like his, but the terrain at our house is just too rugged for anything less than a brute of a lawnmower.

I digress.

As I put the truck in park, from between two gas pumps trots the prettiest longhaired Dachshund. Obviously well-groomed, she was content, despite the fact that we humans were jockeying for opportunities to give Shell Oil Company $2.50 for a gallon of their gold.

She headed for a pale blue Nissan Sentra that was driving away, sure in her heart that her family was in there.

And the little sedan just kept on going.

Barely aware of the automobiles the little mama dog was so deftly dodging, I chased after her.

She was cool and collected.

I was on fire, like one of the space shuttle’s hydrogen-powered rockets tested at the nearby Stennis Space Center.

The little Nissan came to a stop just shy of the road.

The driver’s door opened, and I expected him to rush out to help, at least as frantic as I was.

Didn’t happen.

With cars still swerving through the gas station he held the door open until she found her own way there and hopped in.

I couldn’t believe it.

A total stranger risks life and limb to rescue a dog he’s never seen before and the owner can’t even be bothered to step out of the car to aid in her deliverance.

She could have been squashed 15 times in her little trek, and nothing less than the hand of God kept her (and me!) safe.

Pet lovers, show the world, and your four-legged best friend, that you have better sense than a dog. Don’t wait for your pet to extricate himself from danger.


See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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