Pets Caught In Sticky Rodent Traps

I obtained this knowledge years ago, but never had to use it before today.

The first time I used one of those sticky mouse/rat traps I thought, “What if a pet got stuck on one of these. How would you ever get him off of it?”

I scoured the sticky pad and its instructions to no avail. Wait! There was a toll-free number to the manufacturer.

“Yes, Doctor, we get this question all the time,” the company representative said. “Just use cooking oil, mineral oil, any kind of oil to deactivate the glue, then wash the pet in pet shampoo to remove the oil.”

Fortunately, I’ve still never seen a pet attached to one, but today I found an X-ray film stuck to a remnant of a sticky trap.

Sure enough, a little mineral oil, a little elbow grease and, VOILA! The X-ray film was free again.

I’m now confident that the technique will work just as well on a dog or cat.

I just hope I never have to use it.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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