Pets Must Not Ride In Drivers’ Laps

Recently we wrote about the dangers of pets riding in the front seats of automobiles.

Today I had to do a double-take when I saw this dog hanging out of the driver’s side door of this SUV.


Pets must NOT be in drivers' laps when traveling!
Pets must NOT be in drivers' laps when traveling!

Not only is he in the front seat, but he is totally unrestrained and his eyes are completely vulnerable to flying missiles.

As children we all held our hands out of a car window while it was raining and felt the sting of water hitting us.

If you ever had a bug hit your hand while you were performing this dangerous feat, you know how much harder he hit than the raindrops.

Now, imagine that bug hitting your dog in the eye!


When we see injuries of these types we find that they result in some of the worst eye damage imaginable. Corneal punctures, corneal lacerations, corneal ulcers. Did you know that a corneal ulcer is the second most painful condition people report? Second only to passing a kidney stone through a ureter, and that pain is legendarily compared to childbirth.

Now imagine this little Boston terrier falling out of this person’s arms onto the Interstate pavement. No, let’s don’t. The injuries would surely not be survivable.

Or, imagine the little dog jerking the man’s arms and causing him to smash into the car adjacent to him.

Or, imagine the man needing to make an emergency evasive maneuver and being unable to because the dog impeded his reaction.

All are catastrophic scenarios.

All could be prevented simply by securing your pet in the back seat.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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