PetSport Firehose Flying Disc

What do owners of really big dogs want in a toy?

Most of all, they want durability. When a Great Dane or mastiff puts a toy in his mouth, the future of that toy is automatically in doubt. When two really big dogs begin to play tug-of-war with a toy it’s the ultimate test of durability.

Enter the PetSport Firehose Flying Disc. What’s tougher than a firehose? Well, there’s stainless steel, but it doesn’t make for a fun dog toy! The firehose material in the PetSport Firehose Flying Disc makes it industrial strength.

The PetSport Firehose Flying Disc has other great features. It floats, so your water-dog retriever can chase it into the lake again and again.

Even though it’s triangular, it flies like a flying disc toy and is just as easy to throw.

The built-in squeaker gives it that live action sound that intrigues every dog.

Did I mention that it’s durable? At 10″ by 9.5″ its size is suitable for medium and larger dogs.

But wait! There is also a smaller size at 7″ by 6.5″ for small and medium breed dogs who are just as demanding of their toys.

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