Rascal Gives Love As He Wags His Tail

Today we have a really short but really touching story to tell. It’s stories like this that keep us going back to work for our patients and their pet-loving owners.

Rascal came in for an appointment for an ear problem. His left ear had been itchy for a couple of days and this was the first time his owner could get away from other commitments to bring him.

Ever-the-tailwagger, we examined Rascal and, sure enough, the left ear had a drainage. We performed a test called Cytology, in which we took a specimen from each ear, put it on a microscope slide, stained it with three different-colored stains, then looked at it under very high magnification on the microscope.

Cytology showed us that Rascal had a severe bacterial infection in one ear and a mild yeast infection in the other. We administered his first dose of medicine so that we could speed his comfort, gave him a Convenia antibiotic injection, expressed his anal sacs, gave him a much-deserved treat, then sent him and his master to the front desk.

We had a little time before our next patient and took the opportunity to chat. Rascal’s owners have had a series of difficulties in their extended family in the last couple of years: illness, divorce and a death. Through it all they have leaned heavily on God and He, in turn, has given them great comfort.

He also sent them Rascal.

As we talked, Rascal’s owner reflected on the day he first came to live with them. One year old, a little shy, a little skinny, a little scruffy.

A little bit perfect.

“Rascal has been quite a blessing to us. His tail never stops wagging and he’s always ready to give or receive love. We’d be lost without him.”

It’s no wonder veterinarians often work into their 80s and 90s. Just an occasional day like today keeps us going, and going, and going, and going…

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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