Redmen, Therapy Dog, Is Missing

A tragedy has befallen a dear friend and her canine companion.

We have previously written of precious little Redmen, the Pomeranian therapy dog, and his handler, Joan.

Can you see how precious Redmen is to Joan?  He needs to be back home with his mommy.
Can you see how precious Redmen is to Joan? He needs to be back home with his mommy.

A few days ago Redmen entered a variety store all alone. Where was Joan? “I had dropped my keys and they bounced underneath the car. I was under the car reaching them and didn’t realize the car door was open. He must have jumped out and gone looking for me in the store. When I got my keys I started the car and drove off, never thinking he might have gotten out. I didn’t know he was gone until I got all the way home.”

A store employee noticed the little Pom and called out for anyone who might own the little dog. A man scooped him up and said, “Yeah, he’s mine.” The man is described as white, 6 feet, 3 inches tall and in his 30s.

Redmen, of course, would go anywhere with anyone because he has been a certified therapy dog for more than five years. Visiting in hospitals and nursing homes, he never meets a stranger.

Joan has offered a reward for Redmen, and anyone with information may call her at (228)323-3272 or (228)255-2694. The Hancock County Sheriff’s Department is also investigating and their number is (228)466-6900.

We will let you know when Redmen returns home. Please keep him and Joan in your prayers.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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