Referral Centers For Dogs And Cats

Referral centers can be real lifesavers.

Medical and surgical care of dogs and cats has advanced incredibly since I graduated from Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1980.

To keep up with advances in veterinary medicine I calculated today that I have attended nearly 1000 hours of continuing education classes in the past 30 years of practice.

Even with all of that updated knowledge there are patients who need the additional training and expertise of a board-certified internist, surgeon, oncologist, dermatologist, ophthalmologist or other veterinary specialist.

Today, for example, I had occasion to send Buckshot to Mandeville, LA,

Dr. Kenny Arceneaux of the LaVRC, with Carly.
Dr. Kenny Arceneaux of the LaVRC, with Carly.

to visit the Louisiana Veterinary Referral Center, where Wednesday he will have his abdomen ultrasounded to determine why the liver disease we have been successfully managing has suddenly gotten worse. Boarded surgeons will be standing by in case Buckshot needs a surgical or laparoscopic liver biopsy.

Recently I sent a vomiting dog to LaVRC for evaluation. By use of ultrasound the internists were able to determine that there was a mass involving the pylorus, the outflow of the stomach, which also intertwined with the bile ducts and pancreas. Clearly large and clearly inoperable, the staff was able to avoid painful and needless surgical intervention thanks to their experience with ultrasound.

We have said a prayer for Buckshot and, just as importantly, his family, as they make the short trek to Mandeville for his evaluation.

Thanks to the expertise of the LaVRC staff our precious Peyton was able to enjoy 2½ years he would not have had without their early and expert help.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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