Safe Travel With FidoRido Pet Safety Seat

Do you travel with your pet?

A pet safety seat can save your dog or cat’s life, as well as making his travel more enjoyable.

With the FidoRido Pet Car Seat the odds are in your favor for a fun trip and a safe arrival.

Safety equipment isn’t just for long trips.

Say “car ride” to most dogs and they will spin, jump, bark and howl to let you know how eager they are to go on a trip. Incomparable is the joy of watching your dog looking out the window or just curling up on the seat, enjoying being in your presence.

Safety must be your first concern, whether you are traveling around the country or just around town. It takes only an instant for an accident to happen.

Foremost among travel safety rules for pets is don’t let them ride in the front seat! If some distraction causes them to become upset they could jump onto the steering wheel, onto the floorboard and interfere with the brake or accelerator pedal, block your vision, the dangerous possibilities are endless.

Perhaps the greatest danger from and to pets in the front seat occurs in a car crash. Unrestrained pets become missiles, and if one strikes the driver or a passenger the results can be deadly for all. If he goes through the windshield he probably won’t survive.

If an airbag deploys the danger to a dog is similar to the danger for a child. Most state laws set the minimum height for a child to ride in the front seat of an airbag-enabled vehicle at 4 feet, 9 inches. Such laws exist for the safety of our children and common sense says we must not expose our pets to that danger, either. An airbag deploying at 200 miles per hour can crush small bones and snap small necks. Even if your pet survives the trauma, the surgical repair, pain and expense will all be substantial.

One of the reasons I like the FidoRido Pet Car Seat is that it works in the back seat. Many of the brands you see advertised show pets in the front seat, which makes me wonder whether their designers even understand the basics of the dangers of pet travel.

A huge advantage the FidoRido Seat has over some offerings is that the safety harness is integral. Sure, Fluffy likes to sit up high so she can see out, but neither she nor you is offered any safety advantage if she isn’t also immobilized in a crash. Even a panic stop can send your pet flying. The FidoRido is first secured to the automobile by way of the seatbelts. Just as with a child’s car seat, the FidoRido is firmly in place once the seatbelt is locked.

With the FidoRido Pet Car Seat you don’t pay extra for the harness that secures your pet. Its two adjustable straps ensure that your pet stays inside the car seat, yet has room to move, stay comfortable and enjoy the ride.

The included booster seat allows him to see out through the windows.

If your dog drools while riding you’ll really like this part: every part of the FidoRido Pet Car Seat is machine washable. No worry about foam cushions that shouldn’t get wet. No worry about “accidents” that happen while riding. Just throw the soiled parts in the washing machine and the fast-drying fabric is soon ready for the next use.

One model holds a single pet up to 30 pounds. Another model holds two small pets together, with a combined weight of up to 30 pounds. In the two-dog model sufficient hardware is included to secure both pets’ harnesses.

We Americans love to be color coordinated. The FidoRido Pet Car Seats come in Tan and Grey, tones that will work with any interior car color.

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