Sam The Westie Update

Note:  Sam’s update posted Thursday without the necessary links to previous stories about him.  Click on the “Story” links below to read the original posts.

Longtime readers will recall the sad-to-happy story of Sam, the West Highland Terrier.

Isn't Sam a beautiful specimen of a West Highland White Terrier?  It wasn't always so.
Isn’t Sam a beautiful specimen of a West Highland White Terrier? It wasn’t always so.

Sam came in for a followup visit with us and we are happy to report that he looks and feels just as good as these pictures indicate: fantastic.

To look back at Sam’s tale in chronological order, click on these links: Story One, Story Two, Story Three.

See Sam’s beautiful skin and happy face?

Sam still sees his board certified veterinary dermatologist, Dr. Stephen LeMarie, once every few months. He continues to battle ongoing yeast infection of the skin and takes a medication to control it. We obtain blood samples periodically to know whether it is adversely affecting his liver and/or kidneys.

For a little guy who got a bad start in life, Sam has come a long, long way.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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