San Juan: Great Excuse To Board Your Pet

Ahhhh, the good life.

After I wrote of my current bout with the flu, a client sent me an email.

San Juan or stay home with Harlee?  Hmmm?
San Juan or stay home with Harlee? Hmmm?

Seems he was really concerned.

Seems he could feel my pain.


He probably could have felt my pain if he had been at home, here in Long Beach, but, instead, he was in San Juan, Puerto Rico! He just couldn’t quite “reach” me!

He says, “Reading your blog from San Juan today. Tough here. Approximately 85 degrees. Oh, well, someone has to be here to enjoy the weather! Signed, Harlee’s Dad.”

I’ll pass this message on to my dear wife, Brenda. Now that I’ve shared the flu with her we can commiserate with each other. We’re not getting any sympathy from Harlee’s Dad, are we?

Oh, and when you pick Harlee up from boarding, I’ll be looking for him to have a T-shirt that says, “My parents went to San Juan and all I got was this T-shirt!”

Enjoy yourselves on the beach, Harlee’s Mom and Dad.

We’ll see you when you return, Dr. Randolph.

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