Sarcoptic (Notedric) Mange In Cats

Having recently discussed the four types of mange affecting dogs, thought it only fair that we discuss the three types that cause problems in cats. We will cover one today and one next time and the third in this article.

Notoedres cati is the mite that causes Notoedric mange or Scabies in cats. Like Scabies in dogs and people it causes intense itchiness. It is easily transmitted from one cat to another and commonly affects litters of kittens. Adult cats of both genders are also easily infected.

Lesions are typically limited to the face, ears and neck initially, but will spread to the perineum, front legs and other areas of the body quickly if treatment is not instituted.

Diagnosis is made by demonstrating the Notoedres cati mites under microscopic examination of the skin.

Treatment is very straightforward as a number of medications will clear the body of mites. Avoid home remedies which may not only make your pet’s skin worse but can even be fatal in some cases. Cats are uniquely sensitive to a broad variety of toxins and are more easily made ill than dogs.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.


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