Saturday Appointments At Your Veterinarian

Saturday appointments at your veterinarian are special.

Currently many veterinarians are closed on Saturday. Those of us who still work on Saturday are typically open four hours, usually 8 AM to Noon.

Last-minute appointments are usually scheduled as work-ins because Saturday mornings can often be booked up weeks in advance.

Therefore, if your pet is ill or otherwise has a serious medical problem that will require a lot of time to work up properly, don’t wait until Saturday just because it’s more convenient for you. Chances are good that the doctor will be rushed and you may experience wait time.

On the other hand, on a weekday an appointment time can be scheduled that can be totally focused on you and your best friend. Another important factor is that full-service laboratories are open on weekdays, but closed on weekends, so testing that cannot be performed in your veterinarian’s office can more promptly yield results.

Consideration for your fellow pet lovers should also be taken into account. Many of the appointments we make for Saturdays are for clients who can come at no other time, usually because of work schedules or other obligations. Indeed, every veterinarian who makes the decision to close on Saturdays finds that he loses some clients because they cannot accommodate a weekday schedule, even in those practices like ours who maintain evening hours.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.


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