Sit N Stay Pet Cafe

Veterinary techniciansare a very devoted group.

Sit 'n Stay Pet Cafe appears Thursdays in Winter Park, FL.

It is not unusual for them to work all day at a veterinary hospital, then spend more of their day volunteering to help animals.

Or, as in the case of Lauren Hicks, incorporating animal care into a second job.

Lauren’s dog has allergies, and rather than purchase hypoallergenic treats, she began to cook her own. That lead to joining with her sister to purchase a food truck and join a group in a food truck pod. Lauren was already a food blogger, so her finger was on the pulse of many foodies. She and her sister purchased a retired mail truck that was being used as an ice cream truck, and began the conversion.

However, putting gas and food into the truck and driving to the food truck pod was not Hicks’ next move. Rather, she contacted her sister and they formulated a business plan. Part of that plan was for sister Kathy Trimble to handle the accounting, as well as to prepare for marketing the new venture.

In 2011, $50.96 billion was spent on pets. It only makes sense that food is a big part of that figure. Since many visitors to food truck pods take their pets along, it only made sense to fill the void so that pets could eat while their owners were dining.

Lauren offers such delicacies as:

  • Poochi Sushi: jerky twists wrapped in flour, coated with honey and rolled in sesame seeds
  • Ruff-Ins: carrot-apple muffins
  • Mutt-balls: meatballs made from locally-grown grass-fed beef and lamb, that are eight for $6
  • Pup-sicles: ice cream bars
  • Grrr-avy: in jars
  • Mutt-worsts: sausages in potato pancakes

See you next week, Dr. Randolph.

Our thanks to Joseph Freeman of the Orlando Sentinel, and News Of The Weird for the foundation of this story.

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