Spay, Neuter Dogs and Cats

As we finished performing neuter surgery on a young puppy today my thoughts ran to the importance of spay and neuter surgery. Did you know that for every human baby born today there will be seven (7) dogs and cats born? Far too many pets are birthed every day for the number of available homes, leading to a shocking pet overpopulation problem in our country.

Even if you know that your pet will never be bred there are many advantages to having a male pet neutered: less likelihood of marking (urinating on) your furniture and home, less likelihood of fights, escapes and subsequent injuries. The risk of testicular cancer is totally eliminated and the risk of prostate cancer, infection and enlargement are reduced nearly to zero.

Why have your non-breeding female pet spayed? The single biggest reason is to prevent mammary (breast) cancer. Female dogs and cats spayed before the first heat cycle have a near-zero risk of mammary cancer. Of course, avoiding the bleeding, stains and mess of a female dog in heat are big plusses, as well as the yowling of the typical female cat in heat. To say nothing of the attraction of male dogs and cats hanging around the house, drooling for their opportunities.

Be like Bob Barker: spay and neuter your pets.


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