Stephanie is BACK!

How incredibly grateful we are.

After 6 ½ weeks we have our Stephanie back!

Stephanie came to work one day a few months ago saying she didn’t feel well and that she thought she might be passing a kidney stone. Having had one before, she knew what it was like!

We sent her home a little early that day, to rest.

The next morning I had a message on my phone that she had gone to the ER and they said she had a mass in her abdomen.

To make a long story short the mass was benign, but couldn’t be removed laparascopically, thus the long recovery time.

Monday was her first day back and Stephanie is looking good, gaining strength and in good form.  Come by if you can and wish her well.

We thank God for her and for her healing.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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