Sticky Traps Catch Dogs And Cats

Sticky traps are excellent for live capture of rats and mice, but they will catch anything.

Even you.

Care must be exercised in the use and placement of rodent sticky traps.

Even your pets will adhere to sticky traps.

If your dog or cat gets stuck on a rodent sticky trap, don’t panic. There is an easy fix.

As is true with many glues, glue traps’ adhesive will dissolve in the presence of oil. You can use just about any clean, unused oil, but vegetable oil is the safest. If no vegetable oil is available you could substitute petroleum jelly or baby oil. Avoid motor oil except as a last resort.

First, put on latex or nitrile gloves if you have them. If your pet is fractious and you have a prescription tranquilizer from your veterinarian, administer that orally. Apply the oil liberally to the body part attached to the sticky trap, as well as the surrounding sticky trap to prevent more adhesion. Work the oil into the hair and skin and, gradually, the sticky trap will let go.

Now you have a greasy dog or cat. Dawn® dishwashing detergent has proven itself safe in untold numbers of wild-animal oilings, so use it to clean your pet.

You may shorten the cleaning process by carefully clipping hair before bathing.

If you have a soothing medicated shampoo such as Sebolux®, bathe another time to calm the skin.

Towel-dry and blow-dry your pet, then give him lots of love and comfort. He’s been through a lot!

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.


    • No poison is used on any sticky trap I’ve ever purchased. You should need your pet’s doctor’s help only if you can’t get the trap off with the oil technique we describe, or if there are lesions or dermatitis resulting from the adhesive. Thanks for reading, Dr. Randolph.

    • If you have been able to use the above techniques to remove what’s on the outside, watch for evidence of vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. If he ingested any, it should all pass within three days. Thanks for reading, Dr. Randolph.

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