Stop Dogs From Chewing Inappropriate Items

Is your dog chewing on his bandage?

Is your new puppy chewing on your wicker chair?

You may find that Arrid Extra Dry spray deodorant is the answer to both problems.

Arrid Extra Dry has the ingredients you need to prevent your pet from chewing on inappropriate items.
Arrid Extra Dry has the ingredients you need to prevent your pet from chewing on inappropriate items.

I don’t know why this particular brand is better at deterring canine chewing habits. I don’t even recall who originally told me about using it for this purpose.  It is believed that the alum ingredient has a taste dogs just can’t stand.

However, it didn’t take long after graduation from Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine for me to learn that bitter apple, bitter orange and other supposedly off-putting flavors did no good whatsoever. Few puppies or dogs would even be slowed down in their desire to consume a bandage or piece of furniture by the “bitter” products.

The Arrid trick is also a good one for dogs who like to chew on their leashes. I have seen many leashes damaged by chewers and the danger (nevermind the expense!) is that a damaged area may go unnoticed, then break at the most inopportune time, such as crossing a busy street.

Check with your pet’s doctor to determine whether he approves.

I don’t imagine the manufacturers will mind this off-label use of their product. It just means they will sell more!

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.


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  1. Hi. Dr. Randolph, HELP! My 9 month old cat is chewing on EVERYTHINGm even my window blinds. Is she teething??? How long will this last??? HELP and thanks.

    • Lorraine, this is quite unusual. Especially for a kitten. If you’d said my 9-month-old puppy was chewing on things it wouldn’t be TOO surprising, although most puppies are through with chewing inappropriate things by then, having learned through training that they shouldn’t. My first concern would be that a medical (dental) condition may exist that needs attention. Make an appointment with your veterinarian to have an oral exam. Stomatitis is a painful condition of cats that could be a factor. If he gets a completely clean bill of health try having sprayer bottles with water positioned strategically around the house to correct him when he chews. BUT! Get that dental examination first!

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