Strings Are Dangerous For Pets

Do you know how dangerous strings can be?

Strings can cause a condition called “linear foreign body” in the intestine of people and pets.

The string can be from any source, such as a ribbon with which a lady might tie her hair, or a string used to secure a package. Some “rope toys” for pets can come apart and result in strings.

What harm can a simple string cause? The intestine can grab the string and begin to gather itself onto the string. Think of an accordion effect. Once the intestine has climbed as far as it can onto the string, the string begins to cut through the intestinal wall, spilling intestinal contents free into the abdomen.

Intestinal contents: food, stool, water, digestive juices, things that don’t belong free in an abdomen. The resulting condition is peritonitis, an inflammation of the protective membrane that lines the abdomen. Infection is likely to follow quickly if the defect is not repaired. Peritonitis is an incredibly painful condition and is frequently associated with death.

Repair involves removing a significant length of lacerated intestine. Normal digestion may be impaired if enough damaged intestine has to be removed. The process of healing and recovery will be long and expensive.

Do you know how dangerous strings can be?

Now you do, and you know to avoid allowing your pet to play with strings.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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