false pregnancy

Pyometra In Dogs And Cats

Pyometrais a condition of the “intact” or un-spayed female dog or cat. The Latin prefix “pyo” means “pus,” and the suffix “metra” refers to the uterus. Therefore, the literal translation is “pus in the uterus,” but the condition is more complex than that. Some clinicians use the term pyometritis. The “itis” suffix refers to the […]

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Canine Heat Cycle

Estrus, or heat cycles, in the female dog are a fascinating process controlled by multiple hormones from the brain and abdominal organs.  Pet owners also use the term “in season” to refer to the heat cycle. Please note that MyPetsDoctor.com does not condone the thoughtless breeding of dogs and cats. The decision to breed one’s […]

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Relaxin In Diagnosis Of Canine And Feline Pregnancy

Relaxin. “Oh, so you’re taking the day off today, Dr. Randolph?” No, I didn’t say relaxin’, I said relaxin. Relaxin is a hormone that is produced during pregnancy in mammalian species. Both its function and its importance vary among species, but its main function seems to be to cause a softening and growth of the […]

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