Timed Gentle Heat For Your Pet’s Bed

Pet beds are special and this time of year that special place may need a little enhancement.

Heated Pet Bed

Whether you maintain a high or low ambient temperature in your home, when your pet is sleeping, resting or otherwise inactive, he may need a little help to be “toasty.”

Many pets, like our Willie, don’t like to be covered up, so a mild, safe heat source is needed to make him comfortable during naptime and nighttime.

Dogs and cats are creatures of habit, so they don’t want to change beds just because the weather changed. Rather than purchase separate beds for winter and summer, consider this K&H Extreme Weather Pad.

It’s marketed for outdoor and barn kitties, but it will also work under any pet bed to provide that little extra warmth to make resting be as restful as possible.

Hydrofarm Digital Timer

For example, Willie likes to sleep in his crate, so I have the Hydrofarm Digital Programmable Timer that begins warming up just before his bedtime and naptime, and turns the power off when it’s time for him to get up.


Because the Extreme Weather Pad is suitable for outbuildings we never have safety worries, even if Willie should spill his drinking water.

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