Top Ten Pet Christmas Gifts

Hide-A-Squirrel is an incredibly fun toy for dogs like our Willie, who are fascinated, comforted and occupied with their toys. When the squirrels are inside the trunk, dogs will work and work until they find all three. Many will bring you the trunk and/or the squirrels to hide them again so they can start over! Use this toy when your dog needs a distraction, or when you need entertainment! Suitable for small, medium and large dogs.


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Kyjen is a company known for quality products. So, you can expect the Kyjen Puzzle Egg Babies Platypus to satisfy your need for quality and endurance, while also satisfying your dog’s need to hunt. You remember from high school biology that the platypus is a marsupial. Hide three eggs in the platypus’ pouch and your dog helps them “hatch,” by finding them when he makes them squeak. Two bonus eggs are included.

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Kong is synonymous with durable in the dog chew-toy world! Extreme Kong stands up to the world’s most demanding chewers, regardless of size. It is the ultimate in occupying your dog’s time, as he can chew it for hours, and you can hide food and treats inside for him to work at all day (or all night) long. As a throw-toy Kong is unequaled in its fascination because of its unpredictable bouncing characteristics. Your dog’s natural chase instincts will be stimulated and it will fool you as often as him as you try to predict which way it will bounce!

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The Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain is as much a gift for your home as it is for your pet. We know the advantages of keeping both cats and dogs well-hydrated. Pets naturally prefer flowing water to motionless, and the Platinum Fountain accomplishes that in style. It holds 168 ounces of water, features a pre-filter for long pump life as well as a charcoal filter to remove impurities and off-flavors. The submerged pump is nearly silent.

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The Spot Skineez Stuffing-Free Chicken is the choice for dog owners whose pets love to rip the insides out of their toys. No stuffing! Yet, it’s still plush! And, there are two squeakers, one in the head, one in the tail. Squeakers stimulate more vigorous play, so hiding one on each end of the toy will make this rooster a new favorite.

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FURminator is the ultimate grooming tool. Nothing else removes old, dead hair as well, while preserving the healthy top coat. The model shown is for medium dogs with short hair, and there is a style for every dog and cat. While you’re enjoying the fresh look and less shedding, your pet gets to enjoy the attention and bonding that occur during grooming. Who is enjoying the interaction more, you, or your pet? This is one pet Christmas gift you don’t have to feel the least bit guilty about because you know you’re doing something good for him while you’re appreciating the process, too.

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Kong has put their own touch on the flying disc game by introducing soft rubber. Easy to throw, easy to catch, and no mouth injuries from rough plastic. If your dog is a disc-catcher already, he will love the Kong Flying Disc even more. If not, it won’t take long to train him to the comfortable feel of rubber in his mouth. If he already has a Kong chew toy, it will be a familiar sensation to him. Put an end to the pet obesity epidemic! Get out there and throw that Kong Flying Disc!

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After an invigorating session of Kong Flying Disc, let your pet enjoy some downtime. Chewing Greenies All New Formula will relax him, help remove plaque from his teeth and exercise his gums. Best of all, they are nutritious, low in fat and high in vitamins and minerals with their wheat and soy composition. There are five sizes, so whether your dog is the tiniest Chihuahua or the most giant mastiff, there is a Greenie just for him. Savings are even available by purchasing Greenies in bulk. Who says Christmas can’t last until February?

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Imagine the joy on your dog’s face when he opens this package! He’s enjoyed his CHUCKIT thrower and CHUCKIT balls for several months. Santa comes along and leaves him a brand new package of the super-buoyant, super-bouncy CHUCKIT balls. Now the fun can start all over again. OK, as soon as the kids get through opening their presents.

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After a long day of chasing, hiding, finding and chewing, Santa is gone and it’s time to just relax with Mom and Dad. Wrapped up in her very own Snuggie For Dogs, you can cuddle and be warm until bedtime. After all, tomorrow there’s a lot more play where that came from, and we must be rested and ready!


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