Update On An Exemplary Pet Lover

Getting updates on patients I have seen is an important part of our practice.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast, where we live and practice, is a very popular tourist area. It is not unusual that we will see a pet for someone who is going to be here only a week or so, then we never hear from them again.

It is so heartwarming when we get a followup card, or sometimes a letter with a photograph, letting us know that the patient we cared for is doing better.

That’s why I wanted to give you an update on the pet mentioned in our post, An Exemplary Pet Lover.

It turns out that her name is Tiffany, and she belongs to Ms. Barb, who is the Waffle House waitress mentioned in the original story.

My wife, Brenda, and I went there for lunch after church this past Sunday and had time as we were leaving to talk to Ms. Barb and check on her beloved injured dog.

At the time of the original post we thought Tiffany was losing only one eye, but she lost the vision in both eyes as a result of the accident. Now, though, she has acclimated well and negotiates the sixteen steps from the house to the yard all on her own.

Sometimes, though, she loses her bearings in the yard. A few days ago she was in the yard, got turned around and headed for a nearby bayou. Before anyone could catch her she was in the water and swimming aimlessly.

“Mr. Barb” (I didn’t catch his name) had to run, jump in the bayou and save Tiffany. “We’re working on a way to keep her out of the water!”

Ms. Barb has a great attitude, which, I’m sure, helps Tiffany keep a positive outlook, too. Tiffany has a little bit of neurological damage, which causes her to wobble slightly, but she is otherwise normal.

It takes some adjustment to live with a pet with a disability. I think we’ll all agree, whatever we have to do for our pets, they make it worthwhile.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph

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