Update On Sam The Westie

Poor Sam.

Sam, the West Highland Terrier whose progress many of you have followed (STORY ONE) (STORY TWO), had a setback today. We scheduled a Medical Progress Examination to evaluate the current state of his skin problems and itchiness. As his Dad and I spoke, Sam stood on the floor and scratched first one part of his body, then another.

Sam is on two medications for itchiness, plus medicated shampoos followed by a humectant, plus Prescription Diet z/d for his food allergy.

And still he scratches.

So today we called in a board-certified veterinary dermatologist who will see him on December 10 and try to get him more comfortable.

The next week and a half will be a challenge, because Sam will need to be off both of his oral medications to have allergy testing. His only source of relief for itchiness will be his medicated baths. For a dog this itchy, that will represent a difficult thing to do.

We will keep you posted.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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