To Veterinarians, Patients Are Special

Sometimes I wonder whether people, our clients, really understand just how attached we veterinarians get to our patients.

Take Charlie for example. Charlie and Sam have been regular boarders for years. Their mom and dad are retired, have human children and grandchildren on opposites coasts and they travel extensively to visit. They also have one child in Japan. Or did, until recently.

Now that child, who is Charlie’s original owner, is moving back to the states. They will be coming to get Charlie soon and moving him to Missouri.

We will miss Charlie’s hound-talk. He’s mostly Beagle with long Basset ears and a deep, resounding voice. He’s a sweet as a twenty five pound sack of sugar and twice as loyal. Our clinic is his second home.

Sam passed away from old age a few months ago and it nearly broke our hearts. We thought it would break Charlie’s heart, too, as they had been best friends for so long. After a period of grieving, Charlie came out from under Sam’s spotlight and flourished.

Pets, patients. Veterinarians are fortunate to have both.

It is what we were born to do.

It’s not a job.

It’s not work.

It is a gift of love for both patient, staff and doctor.

See you Monday, Dr. Randolph

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