Reminders For Pet Medications

There used to be a great pet reminder site?  It was called,  it was free, and you could use it to remind yourself of all kinds of medications for your pet.

Alas, when Novartis Animal Health was sold to Eli Lilly/Elanco, the site was discontinued.

Not to worry! You have alternatives!

Today, we see that most people are using reminders in their smartphones to prod them to give monthly heartworm preventives or even twice-daily antibiotics.

For those of you who need a little extra prodding, you can use the Zoetis reminder system and get an email, text message or both. Just click on this link to sign up.

There is also the “Virbac Remind Me” app available free in Google Play and Apple Store. is an exciting site that will remind you to administer your pets' medications. is an exciting site that will remind you to administer your pets’ medications.

All of these techniques are valuable for reminding you to administer your pets’ heartworm preventive every month.

Have a lot of pets?  You can register all of the pets in your household.

Did I mention the other free reminder? Every monthly heartworm preventive and flea/tick control comes with a calendar sticker. Just don’t put the sticker on your phone.

Thanks for reading, Dr. Randolph.


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