Washington’s 31-Pound Cat

Have you seen the video of the fat cat (sorry, KPTV has taken the video down) found as a stray and now residing at a shelter in Vancouver, Washington?

KPTV’s Chad Carter of Fox12 News reported that he has “very few health problems despite his large size,” but he didn’t elaborate on what those health problems were.

31 Pound Cat Vancouver
31 Pound Cat Vancouver

He is described as “relatively” healthy “despite his weight”!

This description, despite the fact that Kate Goudshaall of the Humane Society of SouthWest Washington says, “Because he’s so large, his large ‘stature,’ it makes it very uncomfortable for him to be in a regular kennel situation because the kennel is essentially too small.”

I never cease to be amazed at people who will actually brag about having the fattest cat. I welcome those people to spend a few days with us at our hospital as we deal with the heartbreak of diabetes, crippling arthritis and heart disease in these pets.

To make the heartbreak even worse, all of these conditions are preventible by simply measuring one’s pet’s food and feeding him on a meal schedule. Your pet’s doctor can advise you on the amount of food your pet should be eating.

Most pets are happiest eating twice daily. Set a schedule for feeding your pet and stick to it. You don’t have unlimited access to a smorgasbord all day long and neither should he. Give him fifteen minutes to eat in the morning, fifteen minutes in the evening, then take the food up. If he hasn’t eaten it all, the food still gets picked up after fifteen minutes. Even if he hasn’t eaten a bite, you still take the food up after fifteen minutes.

It is difficult to increase activity level in cats, but you can engage him in such activities as chasing a paper wad (some cats are natural retrievers!), following the “eye” of a peacock feather, even chasing a toy tied to the end of a fishing line that you can cast out with a child’s short fishing rod.

Dogs, of course, can be taken for walks, even runs if your pet’s doctor approves. And, the activity will be good for everyone involved.

MyPetsDoctor.com would love to hear your stories of weight-loss success, especially if you had the fattest cat you got to lose weight. Please share them via COMMENTS below.

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