We Just Want To Be Flea-Free

SFO has it made.

Bitty wants to know why.

SFO (see Pet Names tab on the MyPetsDoctor.com home page for SFO’s story) and Bitty fell behind in their regular preventive care. As a result of not getting their Revolution every month they, and their family have gotten a severe flea infestation in the home and yard.

Of course, they have also been at risk for heartworm infestation, which is potentially deadly, especially in cats.

SFO’s and Bitty’s Mom came in today with a question, “Can a cat be indoor-outdoor and not bring in fleas?” The answer, as you might expect, is complicated.

SFO has been in recently and now gets Revolution applied every month. At that time “Mom” and I discussed a complete flea control and prevention plan, which she initiated and has been successful with. In fact, she came in today to purchase more Mycodex Plus Environmental Control Aerosol Household Spray for her followup house treatment.

Bitty has an appointment to get caught up to date this week, so, if she is sufficiently healthy we will begin Revolution for her, too, and she will have the same flea control and flea prevention that SFO has.

Now, back to Mom’s question, the greater aspect of which is, “How do I prevent getting into the same flea-infestation situation I was in a few weeks ago?”

First, use Revolution on both cats faithfully every month.

Second, continue to use granular flea control in the yard according to label instructions.

Third, repeat Mycodex House Treatment at least every three months and more frequently if a new flea infestation arises.

See you Monday, Dr. Randolph.

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