Zepp Lateral Ear Canal Resection-Lucy’s Update

Recently we discussed Lucy, whose chronic ear problems required her to undergo a surgical procedure called Zepp Lateral Ear Resection.  We performed the procedure and it went uneventfully. The only down side is that, after the procedure, when we were easily able to access the horizontal ear canal, we found it to also be swollen closed. Below you can see Lucy’s and Joe’s ears for comparison. Note that Joe’s ear canal is wide open, having experienced Zepp surgery several years ago and since being mostly free from ear infections because his owner now can easily and effectively clean his ears.

Lucy's swollen left ear prepped, draped and ready for Zepp Surgery
Lucy’s swollen left ear prepped, draped and ready for Zepp Surgery
Pencil tip denotes Lucy's swollen-closed horizontal ear canal
Pencil tip denotes Lucy’s swollen-closed horizontal ear canal

We expect Lucy to have a similar outcome soon, but it will take some work. Our plan is to maintain aggressive antibiotic therapy for her, both systemic (she is on Convenia now) and topical therapy, as well as weekly cleanings for prevention of relapses. In addition, after she has sufficient time to heal from surgery we will add oral corticosteroids to reduce her swelling further.

Joe’s right ear three years after Zepp Vertical Ear Canal Ablation


 In a month or two we expect to bring you updates with photos of nice, wide-open horizontal ear canals, just like Joe’s.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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