A Less-Smelly Litterbox

If a visitor walks into your home for the first time and says, “Oh! So you have a cat,” you may be embarrassed and resolve to do better in caring for the litterbox.

If you keep your used litter clumps near the litterbox like we do (see photo),

Frequently emptying the temporary used litter storage will also help cut down on odors.
Frequently emptying the temporary used litter storage will also help cut down on odors.

here’s a little tip that might help.

When a cat urinates in clumping litter the clay absorbs the liquid quickly. Most cats will then cover the urine clump with additional litter. Some cats, like our Martha, don’t.

In that case, just before you scoop the clump brush a layer of litter over the top. The fresh,. dry litter will stick to the moist urine clump, helping to seal in odor. Now when you put the clump into the temporary container most of the odor will be sealed in.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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  1. Dr. Randolph! How I keep our litter box from smelling – is that when our cats go, I put what they do into a freezer Ziploc bag and place it in a pail until I’m ready to put it in the trash. I find the odor is really sealed in that freezer bag and have no problem with the litter smell. One other advantage that I have is that I am home most of the time or someone else is always home, so the litter is constantly being cleaned during the day and sometimes during the night. I’m sure it is hard for those who have to work and only can clean it early in the morning and late at night. But, even when I did work, the freezer bag came in handy for me even though it could become pretty expensive depending how many cats or how often they went in the litter box. Its well worth it, since no one knows I have cats until they see them when they come over to visit.
    Your suggestions are very helpful and informative. Thanks, Ann

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