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Dr. Randolph

COVID-19 and Pets


Dogs get coronavirus.Cats get coronavirus.Cows get coronavirus.As do horses, goats and sheep. BUT, as far as we know today, only humans get COVID-19, also known as “new coronavirus” and “SARS-CoV-2.” As of today, we don’t even know whether other primates…

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Pets Are A Special Gift


Certainly, Christmas is a time of giving. And receiving. It’s also a time of reflection. Coming on the heels of Thanksgiving, when we stopped our hectic pace for a few moments to count our blessings, the Christmas season can be…

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Spay Tattoos Are In The News

Tattoos have been in the news at lately. A reader wrote in to complain that the doctor she took her female dog to for ovariohysterectomy surgery didn’t offer her the option to decline a tattoo indicating her dog had…

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